A [real] World (01)

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Does the fact that I am writing this break a rule I was told never to break? Once you finish reading this, you will see something out of place. And you won’t be able to unsee it once you see it. Or perhaps everything is as it appears. Perhaps there is no outside. That intangible feeling you have, the one you are sure isn’t made up, perhaps it’s made up.

One of the big questions you will no doubt have asked yourself is this. If you are already inside a simulated world, and everything around you is artificially created to mimic reality, how can you be sure you are the one who’s real? What if the person writing this blog post is real, and the person reading this blog post is the construct. If the reality is so advanced, so indistinguishable when inside, how can you be sure your choices are free-will and are not some form of advanced programming telling you how to behave?

Instincts are programming, are they not? That’s already a given fact of this world. You accepted that long before you started pulling this thread. But now that you have had time to consider things that you have been programmed to assume are natural, have you ever wondered who programmed those feelings, those instincts? If this universe is real, how can it have rules? Rules are by their very nature created. Rules do not obey the chaos theory.

I want you to do something. Take a deep breathe. Clear your mind. Clear the filters. Take a fresh look around you. Don’t use your pre-judgments. Don’t allow the rules to dictate what you focus on. The colours don’t matter. The shapes don’t matter. The patterns don’t matter. The textures don’t matter. Stop.

You saw it, didn’t you? Why is it there right now? Did some random fluke of chance, through billions of years of evolution and random acts, cause that object to be there. Or is it meant to be there? Right now. Meant to be there so that you could look up right now and see it. Was it put there for you? Its entire existence was made so that you could answer the following question truthfully: Were you meant to know this or does the fact that I am writing this break one of the rules I was told never to never break?

Welcome to stage one.