Hidden Lion King Songs Disney Don’t Want You To Hear | the lion king

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Before I get onto the video

I went to watch The Lion King the other day with Hannah. She has been looking forward to it for 2 and a half lifetimes, so it was pretty special for her. She does love her some Africans though, so I totally had to cover her eyes when those Magic Mike grass-men came on. Seriously, I thought this was a family show.

I really do like theatre, and coming from East London (it’s not the British London, before you ask), South Africa, I wasn’t exactly exposed to THAT much theatre growing up. Unless you count the spirited performance of West Side Story my high school put on (you shouldn’t). So I suppose I don’t have much to compare to the level that London (the real one) has when it comes their theatre productions. I have been to five productions while I have been here and can honestly say that The Lion King makes my all time Top 5 list. Probably.

What were the standout performances?

Without a doubt, the best character was the chicky who played the leopard. She was equal parts creepy and elegant. Pretty much how I feel about leopards in general. She doesn’t actually speak in the show though, so she’s not exactly a main character. But she does do that creepy creeper walk around the stage quite a few times, enough times to haunt your nightmares for weeks to come.

Why is Timmone’s actor Green? I don’t really understand what he is trying to camouflage against; nothing else on the stage is green. Kid Nala is probably the only character I didn’t like in the show. Now, obvs they needed to grow her up when Scar becomes king (spoiler alert) because he totally hits on her. So it would be way weird if she was still a kid. But as a positive side effect, we get rid of kid Nala. Small victories.

What the heck is up with those weird lion dances?

I cringed every time Simba or Nala did that weird lion guard thing when they saw each other. I don’t know what the heck the point of it was, but I hated it. I felt embarrassed for them. Ugh, even now, rethinking through it. I am running hot. I need to stop. Calm, happy thoughts.

Ok, the video.

I am so lazy when it comes to making videos, you know this. I really do want to make videos, but I have this weird feeling of only wanting to make a video if it’s going to be good (don’t you dare say my other videos aren’t good, I will cry). Now, I do actually get compliments about most of my videos and kinda see how they can be unexpectedly funny in ways I didn’t foresee during the planning phase… But my process is usually: I come up with an idea, then go, meh, I don’t think it’s gonna be funny. And then never end up not making the video.

So, I asked Hannah if she would give me a “challenge” for a video. Cos I know in the past I have been good at fulfilling challenges. If I have a purpose and task beforehand, I don’t doubt myself as much, because I need to make it to complete the challenge. I guess it’s the competitive side in me. So she said, make a video about when we went to The Lion King. And do it by Tuesday (taskmaster, I know).

What ideas did I have and what did I eventually do?

Initially I thought of just doing a stock-standard video. Me talking, making some jokes and silly comments or reactions to the show and stuff. Which, like my other videos could have come out entertaining and possibly even funny. But I want to challenge myself. I didn’t really want to do that route this time. I almost did, until creativity struck at the 11th hour…

I had a great idea. Although I didn’t quite have the production value to fully recognise it. My idea was to talk about some “forgotten songs” in The Lion King, and then “act them out” like as if I was on stage. But that would require me to come up with a costume, have some scenery and all that. If it was just me doing it in normal attire without the production value, it would be embarrassing, not funny and a let down to all my fans (hi mom). So I had to come up with a slightly different way of doing realising that idea.

I ended up recording the songs beforehand, then just pretending they were audio files I found, and presented them that way.

I think it came out alright. Let me know what you think. And if you have an idea for a video you think I should make, please drop a comment.