Google Analytics, I don’t trust thee

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I remember the days when I used to log into Google Analytics for my website and continually get sad about the zeros I always saw (zeros are great on cheques; not so great on website analytics). Oh how things have changed, for the worse.

What does Google Analytics say now?

Now I get around¬†20 – 97 views per day. You might say, “Wow Kris Adams, that’s awesome. Congratulations on all the views”. But, shut up Gary. They aren’t real people. At least, I don’t think they are real people. I can’t prove it, but I am 67% sure that they aren’t real people.

My suspicion is that they are robots. Not the kind that are going to take over the world, but the kind that automatically post comments about penis enlargement and great credit rates. My penis is fine, thank you very much, robot!

Speaking of comments

I know I am really picky when it comes to internet comments, as described here, but don’t be shy. Comment on my posts. It will make me feel like humans are reading these things, as opposed to robots. Not that I have anything against robots (I am adding this in, so that when they take over the world, they will read my blog and not be mad at me).