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I don’t know why I even bother paying for insurance. When something is stolen out of my flat, you’d think it would be a simple case of getting insurance money for the stolen items. But you forget, this is me who we’re talking about. Of course it is going to be way more complicated than that.

What was stolen?

All of my camera equipment, my iPad and possibly more. I’ve got so much stuff, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Maybe if I use all my equipment more often and if I actually made lots of videos I wouldn’t be in this position, but that’s neither here nor there.

So, it’s a simple burglary?


That should be covered in the insurance.

First off, you’re sounding very aggressive with these queries, buddy. But yes, it is covered.

So why wouldn’t they pay out?

I acted incorrectly when I didn’t know the full story. Typical me. Here is the detailed account.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

  • I am working in Cambridge, so only go back to my flat in London on the weekends. The weekends are a bit rushed then, as you can imagine.
  • I notice my camera bag isn’t in my flat. I search my flat, high and low, and come to the conclusion that it isn’t in my flat. What the heck?
  • At this point I don’t suspect foul play. I am very capable of misplacing something like this.
  • I have no idea when I last had my camera equipment. I have no idea where it could be.

Monday, July 13, 2015

  • I realize that I have home insurance. I wonder if this would be covered. I don’t really know what happened to my camera equipment though.
  • I am certain my stuff is gone, but I have no idea when or how it disappeared. I can’t remember taking it and leaving it somewhere, but that is something I could have done. I am known to be forgetful like that.
  • I still don’t suspect foul play. I imagine I have taken my camera somewhere and lost it and then completely erased the entire situation from my memory. Seems like something my brain would do.
  • I search through my emails to see who I am insured with (Yes, I don’t know this off hand). It’s Swinton. I phone Swinton Home Insurance to say I THINK I’ve lost my camera stuff and want to know if that kind of thing is covered.
  • Swinton tell me they don’t actually insure me, they are just the broker. I am insured through Legal and General. I need to phone them.
  • I search the internet to see if this sort of thing is covered. I read some forum posts which say the insurers will ask for a precise and definite account of when, where and how you lost the item.
  • I realize I don’t actually know when I lost the camera. I cannot remember where I took it or how exactly I lost it. Heck, I don’t even know if this is even covered.
  • I decide that I will do a bit of a fact finding mission and just phone them to see if it’ll be covered if I lost it.
  • I phone Legal and General with the intention of asking if losing my camera equipment is covered.
  • They need to know an accurate account (just like the forum said they would) of when, where and how I lost it. I lie and give them a fake date and story about losing it on a train (In my mind I figure that I must have done this, I just can’t remember when exactly). They tell me it is covered, but I need a Police Crime report number in order to continue with the claim.

Tuesday, July 14 2015

  • I am starting to think I am going to chicken out and not follow through with this claim. I know my stuff is gone, but I have no idea when or how I lost it. I don’t really want to lie to the police and give them the false story I made up to find out if it would be covered by my insurance. I come to the realization that I probably have to accept that I have to forget about the £1500 worth of equipment. I can’t believe I am so forgetful.

Friday, July 18 2015

  • I get back to my flat in London and for some reason check the second entrance to my flat. THE DOOR IS OPEN! There is no handle on the outside of the door, it cannot open on it’s own. Someone has entered into my flat through this door.
  • It dawns on me that this is how my camera equipment went missing. It makes sense now. I never took it out of the flat, lost it and erased the memory (duh, Kris). Someone came into my flat and stole the equipment while I was away in Cambridge.
  • Although this puts my mind at rest about what exactly happened, I am in a bit of a pickle. I had already told the insurers one thing, but now am 100% sure that it wasn’t the truth.

Saturday, July 19 2015

  • I phone the police and tell them the real story: I realized camera was gone on the 11th. I noticed the door had been opened on the 18th. My camera equipment is no longer in the flat, it was stolen.
  • I phone my insurers and say that I was incorrect about my last statement and actually now realize that my stuff was stolen. I have a police report and give them the same true story I told the police.

Thursday, July 30 2015

  • The insurers phone me back and basically tell me that it is unlikely that I will get paid out, because I gave a false statement initially. I am waiting to hear back.


I shouldn’t have falsified information, I know that. I was caught off guard a bit. I only wanted to know if they would cover it if it was lost, but they wanted details. So in order to find out if I would be covered, I willingly and knowingly gave incorrect details. I guess that was wrong, although I don’t know what I would have done anything differently if I could do it again. If I had  initially said I don’t know when I lost the stuff, I wouldn’t be able to then say I do know when, and they wouldn’t pay out.

If they decide not to pay me out for the stolen items, I understand and will accept their decision. It obviously will be annoying because the items were actually stolen and I am not trying to commit insurance fraud. I have told them the truth now, but because I said a different story at the start, it might mean that even though the items were actually stolen and they do cover that, they won’t pay me the amount that the cover says they must pay me for this exact situation. Balls.