Who is Kris Adams? I am Kris Adams (the TV is optional)

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I am Kris Adams. Now, yes, most of you might have guessed this already, eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted it in my domain name: www.KRISADAMStv.com), but it’s still important for me to give you the dish, right from the horses mouth, no grapevining. Let’s get down to some brass taxes, shall we? Who is the real Kris Adams? And could he please stand up.

Why is it Kris Adams TV?

The TV stands for Television. I personally do own a T.V., but this isn’t the reason I chose it. Once, you know the actual reason I chose it, you’ll ask the next question: Why only settle for TV then?

I have known for a while that my destiny is to be involved with Film/TV. I am terribly interested in screenwriting, acting, directing, film-making and all of those things that go along with a career in that industry. So, my Youtube Channel was created as Kris Adams TV because I wanted it to be a foreboding look into the future right from the beginning of my path (If you are reading this after I am an Oscar winning Writer/Director, hi and what’s the future like? Wait, No Spoilers).

So… Why only settle for Kris Adams TV if you knew right from the beginning it was a hint towards what you will become? Well, first of all, it has a nice ring to it, Kris Adams TV, but secondly, and more importantly, there isn’t really a higher profile word that has as much bang for it’s buck.

Kris Adams Director, Kris Adams Oscar Winner, Kris Adams Billionaire.

Ok, as always, you’re right. All of those are awesome and I totally love them and are kinda jealous of alternate-universe Kris Adams’ who thought of them and have used them as their channel names. But no matter, we all have to deal with the universes we’ve been given.

Is your name really Kris Adams with a “K”?

No. Technically it isn’t really Kris Adams, but it’s gotten to the point now, that when I see it spelled the “correct” way (I am not even going to dignify that spelling by writing it, you know what I mean though), it just doesn’t look like my name.

It’s funny though, I don’t really mind the name my parents gave me. Which may sound untrue because of how I spell it, but I don’t see it that way. I like that I spell my name Kris Adams. It makes me feel like I am the type of person that doesn’t play by the rules, right down to my core. And for this very reason, I don’t think I will ever legally change my name to Kris Adams, because then I wouldn’t be breaking the rules by constantly spelling it how I do. And not breaking the rules goes against everything I believe in.

If you’re South African, why do you hate on South Africans so much in real life?

I don’t do it that often in my blog posts, but if you know me in real life, you probably would have heard me say the phrase “ugh, I hate South Africans” before. It happens a lot, to be honest. Like when I watch a movie and get really put off when I hear a South African accent. I literally get put off by it. I am not even kidding. Elysium, I am looking at you. And I refuse to even watch a movie set in South Africa, like that Leo one with diamonds made of blood (I am assuming that’s what it’s about).

Which is strange, because I have an abnormally large amount of self esteem (I say tomato, you say vanity) when it comes to myself and the way I am made (very well, in case you were wondering). I like how I am, how I speak, what I eat (biltong) and how I spell my name, Kris Adams, but just don’t find these same qualities that appealing in others.

Welcome to the end of the line, son.

Congratulations on reaching the end of this blog post, written by me, Kris Adams. You get the bonus prize of actually hearing the real reason it came into being… How exciting!

If you type my name, Kris Adams, into Google, I come up below the other two famous Kris Adams’. The jazz singer Kris Adams and the football player Kris Adams.

I am trying my best to increase my ranking in this list. So I figured the best way was to create a blog post and get the words Kris Adams into it as much as I can. So, in a weird way, you can say, oh he wasn’t just being weirdly vain by getting his name into the post so many times, he actually had a reason to do that… Although, when you think about it, I was still being vain because I want to increase the Google ranking for my name. Swings and roundabouts.

And there you have it. A post about nothing really, by me, Kris Adams.