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A [real] World (01)


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Does the fact that I am writing this break a rule I was told never to break? Once you finish reading this, you will see something out of place. And you won’t be able to unsee it once you see it. Or perhaps everything is as it appears. Perhaps there is no outside. That intangible feeling you have, the one you are sure isn’t made up, perhaps it’s made up.

We need to talk about The Walking Dead


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You watch The Walking Dead right? I would presume so, else why are you here. Anyway, we need to talk about it before the next season starts. And talk about why you shouldn’t watch it.

The Definitive Guide To Brexit And The EU Referendum


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Are you confused about Brexit? Does the very thought about The Referendum make your brain go into a tizzy? Well you’ve come to the wrong place. I recently have gotten into riddles, in a big way. Because riddles are a lost art, and I am on a one man mission to bring them back again. Let’s get at it.

The Tale Of The Safari Guide


Posted by in Skinny Cardio (Lighthearted), videos You know I went to South Africa recently right? Don’t answer that. In my experience, these blog posts are generally a one way thing, you’ll look like a fool. I took Hannah on holiday to South Africa as a birthday present. And as much as spending that much time with her was the absolute best thing in the entire world, I am just not cut out for economy class flights; this was made very clear to me. There are obvious reasons, like for instance I don’t wanna be more

Hidden Lion King Songs Disney Don’t Want You To Hear | the lion king


Posted by in Skinny Cardio (Lighthearted), videos Before I get onto the video I went to watch The Lion King the other day with Hannah. She has been looking forward to it for 2 and a half lifetimes, so it was pretty special for her. She does love her some Africans though, so I totally had to cover her eyes when those Magic Mike grass-men came on. Seriously, I thought this was a family show. I really do like theatre, and coming from East London (it's not the British London, before you ask), South Africa, more

Hey Liam Hemsworth, here’s how to fix the problem


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You know Thor right? God of thunder. Golden locks of glory. Perpetually looking for a nail? Yea, well he’s the problem with Liam Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth, you may have an awesome first name, but you’re screwing your poor baby brother royally. You dick.

25 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs


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As the villainous type, you could say I am biased towards cats, which is fine. And considering you’re on my site, you were bound to get some of my opinions. However, this list actually doesn’t contain any bias. These facts can all be scientifically proven, just ask Schrödinger.

CST – Comeback Edition | cool song thursday


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Cool Song Thursday You remember Metro Station right? Well have a looksen (figure it out) at this new diddy. Love & War. Check it out here.


Is Hillary Clinton A Conspiracy In Progress?

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As you might know, Hillary Clinton just won the Iowa caucus. I don’t really follow American politics that closely, so I don’t actually know what a “caucus” is, and I totally snigger every time I hear the word. What I do know is that this is part of an unfolding conspiracy. Read past the break to hear how Hillary Clinton is involved.

How Australia is doing cricket wrong


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You may be wondering how the best team in the world can be “doing” cricket wrong. Well, that’s handy. This post is written with the exact purpose of telling you how Australia is doing cricket wrong. That’s some coincidence. Read on past the break for the answers.